Akil Thompson

Band: Jonny Lang

Hometown: Nashville, TN


Products Used

Akil Thompson performs with the Jonny Lang band. Just so you know, Thompson plays guitar but got his music degree with percussion, making his rhythm guitar playing that much more impressive.

Akil uses the Big Joe Vintage Tube II, in his arsenal for his tone.

Keep on the lookout for Akil Thompson performing in a town near you. 

Not only does the current Jonny Lang Band put on a great show, guitarist Akil Thompson is outstanding. 

In my opinion, Thompson is a great example of a well rounded and versatile guitarist that chooses his notes wisely and has what it takes to survive in the music business. 

Definitely one to watch.

Akil Thompson
Akil Thompson guitarist with Jonny Lang

Akil Thompson with Jonny Lang

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