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Born in Santiago (Chile) Dani grew up with mother and father musicians, but it wasn’t until age 17 when he took music serious and devoted a passion for guitar. In the year 2000 he moved to Houston,Tx (USA) and while recording as well as performing with his prog metal band Magistral, Dani was offered the position as guitar teacher at H & H Music, Texas Guitar Co., ABC school of music, Infinity Guitars, as well as a session guitarist for numerous artists. During that time, in collaboration with guitarist Travis Stephenson, they formed the acoustic instrumental duet ,The Silence, recording their first album in 2011. That same year , he began a solo career with his instrumental three piece band, ‘The Dani Vargas Group’, along with his long time friend Moses Zapata on drums. The project took Dani’s guitar work to a place where he could explore a vast and rich landscape of sonic possibilities, finding comfort to then, take on a new venture as a singer; Although as with the ‘DVG’,  Dani has recorded all instrumental pieces in which stands out the album ‘Sound on Canvas’, released in 2013. In 2014, Dani  moved to Hollywood, Ca. to work with his new rock band, ‘The After’,  where Dani’s songwriting is present as a guitarist and singer,  releasing their first single entitled ‘Cold ‘ in May 2014. Today, Dani writes and performs  with both, The After as well the DVG,  and also as a solo acoustic instrumentalist.

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