Kemble Walters

Band: The Blank Faces, Aeges, Petty Cash

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

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From Jacarta, Indonesia to Austin, to LA. From The Rise, Vise Versa, Juliette and the Licks, to vOLUMe to Petty cash to ÆGES to the Blank Faces. From guitarist to singer to sound engineer, to, to, to...Guess you could say Kemble Walters has got some fire under his butt, or maybe he inherited the gypsy gene, or maybe a little bit of both. Dominating the LA rock scene and playing alongside names like Pink, Avril Lavigne, Motorhead and Queens of the Stone Age and working with Dave Grohl, do you really see this dude stopping anytime in the next decade? Not likely.

what he says

“I love the Vintage Tube 2! It's got great bite, amazing dynamics and moves with me flawlessly in any direction. The 4 position and presence knobs give this pedal limitless possibilities and pristine tone. I have been using it with
all of my guitars (Les Paul, Tele, Hagstroms) through a vintage Fender Dual Showman head and a marshal 800 4x12 cab. It allows the characters of each guitar to shine while emphasizing the great tone of my Dual Showman with the option to add on top of it. I have been searching for 15 years for the perfect drive pedal, it took a while but I can finally say I've found it. I love it loud, heavy, and with lots of clarity and bite, this pedal does just that."


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