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Does living in 3 countries, touring 55, having a signature guitar, authoring 8 guitar books, teaching thousands of workshops and having your own record label, make you a veteran in the game? If so, slap the bumper sticker on Marc Cooper's, aka Coop DeVille's rear end.  

A man who started his voyage wanting to be a bebop player  found that the blues (and jazz) connected deeply with him. Armed with his latest lineup of seasoned pros, and having played alongside Joe Walsh, Danny Gatton, Steve Howe, Jennifer Batten, Yngwie Malmsteen, Greg Bissonnette, Carmine Appice, and at least a dozen other honorable players, it doesn't look like he'll be slamming on the brakes any time soon. 

what he says

" Big Joe pedals represents HUGE tone. I love their pedals, especially their Vintage Tube, Vintage Tube 2 and Phaser pedals.... 
pure, fat and singing, yet they still retain your guitar tone. Very cool pedals indeed!"






marc taking you through the stomp boxes

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