Mike Manning

Band: Demi Lovato


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Dallas native, Mike Manning, has been developing himself as an artist on and off the road. He blends rock guitar riffs, pulsing dance beats and smooth rock vocals to create a fresh new edgy sound. His lyrics range from introspective looks into love, relationships and crazy young lifestyles that offer a mixture of experiences and ideals to the listener.

Mike has toured around the world with artist Demi Lovato as lead guitarist and background singer. He has performed with her in many TV appearances such as Good Morning America, The Ellen Show and Michelle Obama’s Inaugural Ball. Mike’s musical roots began in Dallas, Texas, in a band with now actor Hunter Parrish. He then continued developing in the band ClearCut with professional dancer JC Schuster. Their song “Life Of The Party” was featured on the first season of Laguna Beach.

When he is not on tour Mike is a producer, songwriter and artist in Los Angeles, currently working on a solo project.







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