Parker Griggs

Band: Radio Moscow

Hometown: Story City, IA

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The buzz about their fuzz: with eyes closed, you wouldn't know that this 3-piece Iowa-based psychadelic blues band isn't comprised of former members of Cream, Grand Funk or Blue Cheer. A project that started in a garage (naturally) budded after Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys helped bring the guys to his label Alive Natural Sound which houses some of the grittiest new-gen rock blues artists in this hemisphere. Parker Griggs' acid-drenched stoner blues riffs have fuelled 3 albums and experimental solo projects that are sure to melt your brain. 

what he says

"I've been jamming alot with the new pedals and they are pretty f*cking rad! Especially the phaser! I've started using it more than my electric mistress phaser! I've let some friend players use it too and they dig it also."



Twitter: @radiomoscowband


Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 11.48.20
Parker Griggs, singer/guitarist

Sweet Little Thing

Jamming at Grimey's

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