Rebecca Schlappich

Band: River City Extension

Hometown: Philadelphia

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"Never have I found a distortion so perfectly fitted to my violin than the Big Joe Saturated Tube Stomp Box.  After years of trial and error, screechy, crunchy, unappealing tones, the Big Joe Saturated Tube gives me the warm, fuzzy, big distortion that I've been looking for, even through a PA!  I'm so excited to explore the edges of this pedal's wide capability.  Thank you so much for ending my search for the perfect distortion for my violin!"


One of America’s best kept secrets, violinist Rebecca Schlappich has been traversing the States and Europe for the past eight years, electrifying audiences from the orchestra pit and center stage alike. A classically trained musician, Schlappich has since demonstrated a penchant for the spirited edge of rock and pop. Over the course of eight tours of North America, Europe and beyond, Schlappich’s work as a symphony musician and a stand-out rocker is performative, current and versatile.

“It is arguable that a violin has never been so effectively emotive in rock music than when it’ s in hands of Rebecca Schlappich.” — Travis Parno, AbsolutePunk, 2009

As a touring musician with World Inferno Friendship Society and River City Extension, Schlappich has rocked halls from Los Angeles to Berlin, supporting international acts ranging from hell-raisers like The Pogues and the Bouncing Souls to alternative darlings like Thursday and Against Me. She also shared a stage with the world-famous songwriter Michael Bolton at the Hollywood Bowl, and escaped before her hair crimped. She is currently recording her second album with alt-rockers New London Fire.

“...Balance, intonation and phrasing were painted with a masterful brush. Each movement was a seamless projection of thought.” –Anthony Aibel (2006 Grammy nominee), New York Concert Review 2012

Her classical background no less outstanding, the Manhattan School of Music graduate is an active member of Distinguished Concert International New York. Her engagements with New York’s Camerata Orchestra have garnered praise as “impactful, physically potent” (Harris Goldsmith, Opus, High Fidelity, Musical American Worldwide), 2012

She has performed with the Garden State Philharmonic, the Camerata New York Ensemble, the Mimesis Ensemble, as well as the Reading and Norwalk Symphony Orchestras—both abroad (Europe, the Caribbean) and in some of America’s most revered venues, such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall, and the Whitney Museum.

“Be proud of what you create. Work hard, never settle for mediocre, push yourself to be awesome, and be passionate about your work" –Rebecca Schlappich

The marriage of these dual disciplines is most apparent through Schlappich’s studio appearances and her ongoing commitment to music education and mentoring. When she’s not making string music ooze “cool” through MTV and TV Land ad spots or being interviewed for National Public Radio as a role model for budding female musicians, she’s pushing violins on America’s impressionable youth.

In 2000, Schlappich helped launch the R.I.S.E. academy for beginning violinists. In 2011, she served and expanded the violin program for the Headstart Daycare Program in Queens, New York, boasting more than 70 of her own private students in the meantime. This summer she wrapped up the consultation and development phase of a new violin program she will be overseeing at Philadelphia’s Les Petits Cherubs daycare.

Bio Credit: Mike McKee



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