Ric Hall

Band: Buddy Guy

Hometown: Chicago, IL


Products Used


Rolling with blues royalty Buddy Guy is no small gig, and Ric Hall's 30+ years of guitar playing have gotten him up there with the legendary Dells and Albert King. When his fingers are off his strings, he's got them in many other endeavours like fundraisers, representing the Chicago blues scene as a good will embassador, and working on production and recording for other artists at his recording studio.

What he says

"I love the nice big tone of the Big Joe Saturated Tube and Vintage Tube pedals. Though they have different tonal characteristics, they both have a great warm tone. I most definitely recommend them. If you play R&B, blues, or rock, you got to have these. You'll dig them. Big Joe is a must have for your arsenal!" 


Ric Hall - Guitar Solo

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