The Blackwater Fever

Hometown: Brisbane, Australia

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The Blackwater Fever has the kind of sound that raises the hairs on your arms. Fusing blues, soul, trip-hop, story telling, instrumental and rock n' rock, they bang out a unique, dark, atmospheric sound. After recording their first album in a studio, they decided take a DIY approach on the second record producing an uncompromised sound in their home studio, this time shifting the band from a duo to a trio. A few tracks into the album, you'll swear these guys have written the soundtrack for either a long midnight drive into the depths of the woods or your favorite horror movie. 

what he says

"I love my Vintage Tube 2. It's my main live overdrive. Takes me into Marshall territory thru my Fender Super Reverb. The contour knob is also great in the studio for guitar overdubbing or switching between humbuckers and single coil guitars."










Don't Fuck with Joe

better off dead

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