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Hometown: Buenos Aires


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Tomas Marin started his music career back in the 90's. He studied at the Conservatorio Municipal Manuel de Falla, where he got his first degree. He also studied at Escuela de Musica Contemporanea BIN.
being his studies a solid foundation, Tomas achieves his best as a musician when he starts taking lessons with the renowned guitarist Francisco Rivero and arrangement lessons with the composer Juan "Pollo" Raffo.
Tomas has been playing on Argentina stages since 2000. He offers didactic concerts, trios, quartets or solo jazz guitar gigs, the later being a style popularized by Joe Pass.

He takes part in performances organized by the Government and shares stages with big music figures. He specialized in jazz and fusion jazz. His playing style shows influences by Swing, Bebop and free jazz.
In the year 2012, Tomas releases his first book titled Tools in Chord Melody Vol. 1, which sells in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and some European countries. The second part of the book is expected to be released by the end of 2013.
He currently works as a music teacher, a jazz musician and a session musician. He delivers lessons and sets up both instrument and popular harmony courses.

What he says

Being a Jazz musician, I have always looked for distortion effects that give sound both an amplitude and cleanliness range, highlighting the profit, but not interfering with my phrasing at the time of improvisation.
When I got to know Big Joe, I tried many of their effects and I couldn`t really pick out one.
It was very difficult to choose between Classic, Vintage I, Vintage II and hard Tube. All of them give me a particular, personal sound, but at the same time, they respect the identity of phrasing. They allow my improvisations to sound with the right touch of distortion.
i also added the Phraser effect, which is a great quality addition to my Blues side. I sticked to Classic Tube and VIntage Tube 2.
Big Joe effects display equilibrium in their quality, components, true bypass and their classy distortions.
My musical searches will grow endlessly, but Big Joe is my place when it all comes down to distortion.






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