Trampled Under Foot

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

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Sometimes parents try to vicariously live out their dreams through their kids, but with this blues-rock trio, that doesn't seem to be anything to complain 'bout. After seeing their folks pursue the musical dream, siblings Danielle, Chris and Nick continued the generational embrace of music and are now garnering the attention that their parents Bob and Lisa could only hope for in their day. Rockin' it in the Kansas blues scene and beyond, Trampled Under Foot's syrupy-smooth vocals and deep bluesy tone is a mix of tearjerker tracks and Pink Floyd/Zeppelin-esque nuances.

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"They rock! I've got the vintage tube 1 and I just got to use it with my Category 5 Andrew model 2X12 and it is awesome! My amp and guitars sound pretty great on their own and this new pedal really kicks it over the top! I use it on solos as well as rhythm. I've also been using the settings and trying some new sounds with it. I like the vintage tube 1 a lot! It is the only pedal I have so I can really hear it on its own. Great job to Big Joe!"




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